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Hatchback 499
Sedan 549
SUV- Regular 599

A solution for water saving and environmental friendly car washing

Our provider  offers steam washing that helps hygienic and bacteria-free wash, removes dirt and bad smells, stains, and grease, also it consumes very less amount of water.

This eco-friendly steam wash services reduces the use of chemicals, avoids wetting parking space/washes without wetting your parking also it reduces the time.

Our providers mobile car steam wash can successfully clean vinyl, leather or fabric car seats, windows, carpet, vents, as well as the hood, doors, rims, wheel arches, etc.


  • - Our partner may require minimum 3-4 hours to schedule the delivery based on distance and traffic conditions, please plan your service order accordingly. 
    - JOBOY Partner will carry water and other amenities required to deliver the services as per standards specified by JOBOY.
    - JOBOY Partner will be solely responsible for damages caused during the service delivery.


Our Car Wash consumes only 4 liters of water for each car, without producing any wastewater. Thanks to the total absence of wastewater.

A solution for water saving and environmental friendly car washing, deodorizing and sterilizing at the same time without chemicals.

No time wasted at outside car washes. our Provider  Steam car Wash is able to clean a car exterior in just 10 minutes and 20 minutes for interior/exterior.

Bring your service to the customer's home. can be cleaned on their parking site, without the need to constantly move vehicles.

Realted Other services at extra cost:

  • Interior Detailing:Interior detailing provides a complete interior cleaning including seats, roof, floor, side panels and other parts of the interior cabin using steam. 
  • Auto Detailing:-Auto detailing is the process of performing a cleaning, restoration, and complete finishing of a car. 
  • Exterior Detailing :-apply a shielding paint sealant
  • Engine Compartments :-Provide a high gloss and slippery coating on the engine parts, hoses, etc. 
  • Tyres/Tires,Brake Ducts:-This treatment is designed for cleaning and protection of the alloy wheels.