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Rate Chart
ZUMBA-Number of Sessions: 12 Session .Duration : 1 Hour 2000
YOGA-Number of Sessions: 12 Session .Duration : 1 Hour 2500
WESTERN DANCE-Number of Sessions: 8 Session .Duration : 1 Hour 2000
CLASSICAL & INDIAN FOLK-Number of Sessions: 8 Session .Duration : 1 Hour 3000
FITNESS & WEIGHT LOSS-Number of Sessions: 20 Session .Duration : 1 Hour 3000

Wellness Sessions for All Ages

Our Provider  in the leading sports and lifestyle management company. With a mission to create a healthy generation we promote sports & lifestyle activities among corporate companies. We help grassroots level amateurs professionals to achieve their childhood dream of playing and engaging with their favourite sports. With our vision to craft a healthy next generation we also engage kids through different sports training programs and tournaments.

Program notes:

  • Instructors are subject to change
  • All participants are required to bring their own mat
  • Weights and resistance bands are provided. You are welcome to bring your own.
  • ZOOM classes - you will be emailed the link to attend the classes. For fitness classes, if you do not have weights, you can use water bottles, bags of rice, flour, etc.
  • Cancellations - for inclement weather, instructor illness or if the facility is not available, you will be notified.

Our Online & Offline Sessions Improve Cognitive & Social Skills

WHAT WE DO - We Help You To Move. - We Build Your Physical Literacy. - We Help You Build Confidence & Life Values. - We Motivate You To Lead A Healthy & Happy Life

OUR PROGRAMS - Online & Offline -

Yoga & Meditation Sessions - Zumba Sessions - Western Dance Forms - Classical & Indian Folk Dance Forms - Fitness & Weight Loss Sessions

PLATFORMS USED FOR ONLINE - Zoom Meeting - Google Meet - Skype