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Rate Chart
Inspection Charges ₹ 300
General Service ₹ 350
Wet Service ₹ 850
Jet Pump Service ₹ 1500
Installation Charge (Window AC) ₹ 600
Uninstallation Charge (Window AC) ₹ 500
Installation Charge (Split AC) ₹ 1300
Uninstallation Charge (Split AC) ₹ 750
Gas Charging 1 Tonne ₹ 1800
Gas Charging 1.5 Tonnes ₹ 2200
Gas Charging 2 Tonnes ₹ 2600
Window A/C Cooling Coil Repair ₹ 700
Split A/C Cooling Coil Repair ₹ 800
Circuit / PCB Repair Charge ₹ 2000
  • Inspection charges will be applicable in case the customer decides not to proceed with service after inspection is done and estimate given

Looking for expert AC services near you in Chennai? We will bring you the best air conditioner technicians

The humid climate in Chennai makes air conditioners essential. However, regular usage can create problems in the machine. Not only that, the AC requires timely cleaning and maintenance to give you proper cooling. Joboy has come up with expert AC services in Chennai to enhance your experience of air conditioning.

Our AC repairs come with a warranty, from the best experts

The AC mechanics across Chennai have partnered with Joboy to deliver efficient servicing for you. The services are suited to meet all related needs in homes and offices in Adyar and Sholinganallur. Regular service, full service, and repair are available at the best prices in Tambaram. You can avail of the AC removal and installation services while shifting homes anywhere in Chennai. The servicing of your air conditioners comes with a warranty of sixty days. The charges for the work are pre-fixed according to the kind of service and the time taken. These services could be useful in shops in Ambattur and other business areas. The Joboy AC technicians are part of the team only after background verification. Thus, we guarantee quality AC servicing by experienced Joboy partners in Chennai.

  • Service charge as per the scope of work. 
  • Rs. 300 inspection charges if no service is availed post-inspection. 
  • inspection charge will be adjusted to a service charge on service completion. 
  • Please fix the makes and rates of spares/service with the vendor. 
  • Please specify your make and model details and issue in the comment field while booking service. 
  • Gas Refilling and material charges are separate from service charge.  Service Partner will continue such additional work on approval by the user. 
  • We offer 60 days service warranty.


  • Book the required AC service and mention the issues
  • While booking, specify the make and model details as much as possible
  • An AC technician nearest to you will be assigned to your request
  • Our mechanic will visit your home or workplace to deliver the service
  • Any additional work will begin only with your approval, and materials will be purchased after giving you a cost estimate
  • Payment can be done online or cash on delivery. Please select your option while booking

Why do I have to pay Inspection charges?

Inspection charge is charged only when the customer decides not to continue with the service, after a detailed inspection is done and cost estimate given. This is to compensate the provider for his travel costs and the time and effort of inspection

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