Cancellation Policy

Joboy is the copyright brand of JOBOY Services Pvt. Ltd. Joboy reserves the right to update/change the policies anytime without prior information, based on internal, external, or statutory requirements. To make sure that you are aware of any changes, kindly review the policy periodically. If you do not agree to the policy, please do not use the Joboy website or mobile application. Please read our policy carefully to get a clear understanding of cancellation procedures either by customer or by service provider and applicable cancellation charges.

Cancellation by Customer

  1. Customer is allowed to cancel/reschedule the requests anytime through Joboy platforms (Website/Mobile) or by coordination with our customer care.
  2. Customer is allowed to cancel/reschedule the job request upto 30 minutes before the scheduled job time (in case of Scheduled Job) and within 10 minutes of the job request for on-time job delivery. Customer will be charged a cancellation fee or inconvenience fee as per Joboy policy in each scenario.
  3. Customer will be charged one unit fee and any other applicable charges if he cancels/reschedules the job request on arrival of service provider at customer premise.
  4. Continuous cancellations/reschedule of job request or any malicious activities may attract suspension of service by Joboy and further termination of agreement with customer.
  5. Customer will not be charged for cancellation if the service provider is running late by more than 30 minutes from the scheduled time. It is appreciated to consider the geographical factors such as traffic conditions, accessibility, and climate conditions before cancelling the request. 
  6. Due to any unforeseen circumstances or internal reasons, Joboy reserves the right to cancel any job request at any point of time with due communication to customer and will not be liable to anyone for the same.
  7. Customer is not allowed to cancel/reschedule more than three job requests a day. Customer accounts may be suspended from future service for continuation of any such activities. 

Cancellation by Service Provider

As per Joboy Policy, cancellation of job request by service provider after accepting the job request initiated by customer through Joboy platform is forbidden. Service provider has agreed to accept the Joboy terms and conditions clauses of agreement during the on-boarding process. Any violation to the agreement may attract penalty or suspension of contract and further termination of agreement with service provider.

  1. Service Provider is allowed to cancel maximum 3 requests a day. More than 3 cancellations may attract penalty for inconvenience to customer as per the agreement with Joboy.
  2. Service Provider is allowed to cancel a job before two hours from the scheduled time for scheduled job request, job cancellation is not permitted for on-time job request.
  3. Cancellation of job requests or any misbehaviour with customers may attract reduction in ratings and penalties. These activities may force termination of agreement with service provider.
  4. Service provider needs to provide the reason for cancelling job while reverting to Joboy. These reasons will be saved in service provider’s record for performance analysis.
  5. Service provider is allowed cancel the job on reschedule of job request by customer, based on contract rules applicable as per Joboy agreement.

Refund Policy

Customer is permitted to claim refund from Joboy for:

  1. False Service
  2. Incomplete job
  3. Misbehaviour from service provider

Customer can send a mail to help@joboy.in within 5 days from the day of job delivery with subject line “Job Reference #-Complaint Category”. Joboy team will register the complaint and share the complaint number within 24 hours via mail/ text message. Customer will receive the final status of the claim within 7 working days via mail. If the refund request is approved by Joboy grievance redressal officer, refund amount will be credited to customer’s wallet within 48 hours (excluding holidays). Joboy reserves the right to approve or decline a refund request; refund claim will be processed by gathering information about job delivery from service provider. The status of the claim will be shared along with reason for approval/decline with the  customer via registered e-mail id
Note: Refund policy is applicable only to wallet/online payment

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