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Rate Chart
Firsrt 1 Hr 350 275
Upto 1.5 Hrs 470 395
Upto 2 Hrs 580 505
Upto 2.5 Hrs 650 575
Upto 3 Hrs 720 645
Upto 3.5 Hrs 790 715
Upto 4 Hrs 860 785
  • Minimum charge of Rs. 150 will be charged in case Customer refuse to proceed with service. Material charges extra.

Are you looking for expert plumbing services in Ernakulam?

JOBOY is the best home service providers in Kerala, we offer you high-quality Plumbing services with warranty. 

We know the working population stay near Infopark, Kakkanad, Panampally Nagar, Kadavanthara and other major residential areas, who find it difficult to arrange  plumbing services as per convenience or late night. JOBOY provides on-demand plumbing service with service warranty at affordable charges across Kochi.

  • JOBOY charges for 1 hour service initially and then 30 minutes as additional unit for calculation.
  • After 8 units, Rs. 50 would be charged for every additional unit. 3. Material charge is additional, Customer can either purchase the material or request the service partner to procure it. Time for material procurement will be charged for billing.
  • f user denies the service delivery or reschedule service after partner arrives the user premise, user will be charged the first unit charge as convenience fee.
  • We would be charging additional Rs. 150 in addition to service charge for service delivery between 08:00 PM till 08:00 AM, Sunday and other holidays.
  •  Service provider may help you with quotation in case for long hour work schedules. You may please confirm the quotation before initiating work to avoid any conflict on service completion. In case you do not want to continue service, we may charge Rs. 150 as inspection charge.
  • JOBOY offers 15 days warranty on service offered on Plumbing issues in case there any fault in service delivery.
  • JOBOY reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an order due to unavailability of service partner or over booking.


  1. Plumbers near to your location will be assigned to deliver services on order confrimation. JOBOY
  2. Plumber will connect with you over call to understand your concerns and will bring neccsary equipments and materials to fix the issue. 
  3. You may purchase the materials required before the scheduled time to avoid cost of purchase during service delivery. Our service partners will support you in purchase of materials, but the time taken for purchase will be added to the service charge.
  4. You can request a quote from the provder in case the work requires more time or its a new work. Service will be initiated on your approval in case of quote based works.
  5. Our service agents will connect with you on service completion and will share the charge. You have the provision to make payment online, it is preferable to select the payment mode while booking the service to avoid confusion.