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Rate Chart
First 1 Hr ₹ 350
Upto 1.5 Hrs ₹ 470
Upto 2 Hrs ₹ 580
Upto 2.5 Hrs ₹ 670
Upto 3 Hrs ₹ 760
Upto 3.5 Hrs ₹ 840
Upto 4 Hrs ₹ 920
  • Material charges extra. Drainage cleaning will be done only on a quotation basis and not hourly rate
  • An amount of Rs. 150 will be charged in case the customer decides not to proceed with the service, after inspection is done and a quote given

How can I find expert plumbers near me urgently?

Get expert plumbers from Joboy. Our plumber service partners will sort all leakage issues in the residential areas of Delhi NCR. Slow draining sinks, leaking faucets in the bathroom, or clogged toilets, you will get plumbers on time. JOBOY provides quickly accessible plumbing solutions to the residents of Faridabad and Gurgaon.

Fix leakage issues without hassle.

Experienced plumbers in Noida and Ghaziabad have partnered with JOBOY to provide timely services. The service delivery will be as per your convenient time. JOBOY gives a warranty of upto seven days for the plumbing service. The plumbers are available to do repair work for your kitchen and washroom. The residents of Gurugram and Noida can get timely plumbing services for their homes. Our inspection charges are minimal and is only charged in case the customer decides not to carry on with the service after inspection. The service persons in Ghaziabad have expertise in the field. Our service partners can fix dripping taps, broken fittings, or low water pressure with efficiency. JOBOY is ready to give speedy repair works at affordable prices in Delhi.

  • After the first one hour as a single unit, every 30 Minutes is considered for unit calculation. The average time for a basic maintenance work may take about 2 units.
  • After 8 units, Rupees 50 would be charged for every additional unit.
  • There would be an additional Rupees 200 for clearing drainage and sink blocks.
  • Material charges are additional, Customer can either buy materials themselves or can request the service provider to procure it. Time spent on material procurement will be included in the final bill.
  • If the customer denies the service delivery or reschedules the service after service provider arrives at the customer premises, customer will be charged Rupees 150 as convenience fee.
  • We would be charging additional Rs. 150 in addition to service charge for service delivery between 08:00 pm till 08:00 am in the morning, Sundays, and other holidays.
  • Service provider may help you with a quote in case for long hour work schedules. You may please confirm the quotation before initiating service to avoid any conflicts later. In case you do not want to continue service, you will have to pay Rupees 150 as inspection charges.
  • We provide upto 15 days service warranty on service faults. If an issue is found on the service done by Joboy service provider during the warranty period, it will be corrected free of cost, except for the cost of any additional materials
  • JOBOY reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an order due to unavailability of service providers or over booking.

  • Book a service, and plumbers near you will get connected. You will receive a message of confirmation.
  • Select a payment method. You can choose to pay online or by cash
  • The plumber will take the details of the issue to get the necessary tools and equipment.
  • All materials for service are to be kept ready before time. If you require the JOBOY partner to buy the materials, let them know in advance. The purchase time will be added as part of the service charge.
  • You can ask for a quotation if needed. All extra work can begin after your approval of quote.
  • After the work, our agent will contact you to give you the details of service charges.
  • Make the payment accordingly using our online payment options or cash direct to the provider
  • Our inspection charges are minimal and is only charged in case the customer decides not to carry on with the service after inspection.

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