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First 1 Hr ₹ 400 ₹ 325
Upto 1.5 Hrs ₹ 520 ₹ 445
Upto 2 Hrs ₹ 630 ₹ 555
Upto 2.5 Hrs ₹ 720 ₹ 645
Upto 3 Hrs ₹ 810 ₹ 735
Upto 3.5 Hrs ₹ 890 ₹ 815
Upto 4 Hrs ₹ 970 ₹ 895
  • Material charges extra.
  • An inspection charge of Rs. 150 may be charged if the customer decides not to continue with the service after inspection

  • Joboy charges for unit of 1 hour of service initially, and every 30 minutes thereon
  • Material charges are additional. Customer can either purchase the material directly or request the service partner to procure it. Time for material procurement will be charged in the final bill
  • If the user decides not to proceed with the service delivery or reschedules the service after partner arrives at the user premises, Rs. 150 will be charged as inspection charges
  • An additional Rs. 150 will be added to the service charges for service delivery between 08:00 PM and 08:00 AM, on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Our service partner will help you with a quotation in case of long hour work schedules. Please confirm the quotation before initiating work to avoid any conflict on service completion. In case you do not want to continue service, we may charge Rs. 150 as inspection charge.
  • We offer upto 7 days warranty on the service in case of recurring issues of the same nature where repair was done

  • After you book the service, electricians in your area will receive a notification coordinated by Joboy customer service. Kindly wait for the confirmation message.
  • Our service partner will call and note the details of the problem, to bring along the necessary tools and other equipment.
  • Make sure all materials for service are kept ready before service starts. In case you want the Joboy partner to purchase the materials, let them know beforehand. The time taken for purchase of materials will be added as part of service charges.
  • Joboy partner will give you a quotation if required for work that requires more than 4 hours. Work will be done only after your approval of the quote
  • When the work is over, our agent will let you know the service charge. Please make the payment accordingly online on our platform or by cash to the service provider

Why do I have to pay an inspection/minimum charge?

You dont have to pay a minimum charge in all cases. Inspection charge compensates the provider for his travel expenses, time, and effort, in case you decide not to proceed with the work after inspection is done

How do I ensure the authenticity of electricians who delivers service at my place?

We have partnered with the most experienced electricians near your location, verified by Joboy for their background, education, and experience. They are also trained for high levels of customer service

Do they charge amount for the time spent on material purchase during service delivery?

Yes, but our partner will ensure the purchase is done in minimum time. It is preferable to discuss with the electricians and get the necessary materials before the delivery to avoid additional costs.  

What does happen if the provider spends more time at my place?

Our partners will try to deliver the services in minimum time, so that they can take up the next customer request, and thus earn more money. Our charges are defined in such a way that the more time they spend at a specific location, their opportunity to earn more is reduced. In case you want to continue for more hours, you can ask for a quote from the electricians who visit your place.  

Is there a warranty for electrical works?

Yes. We provide upto 7 days warranty on services delivered by our electrician partners. Warranty is applicable only on the specific work done earlier

Are Joboy services available round the clock?

Yes, we offer certain services 24 x 7 and our customer care team will be available to support you with delivering services on all days. 

When you need an expert electrciain urgently for your home, get on time services in Mumbai. 

From fixing the circuit breaker to changing the flickering bulbs, Joboy does it all.

Are electrical problems a daily concern at your home or workplace? Get it sorted with an expert solution from Joboy in Mumbai. You may need to change the fuse or the entire wiring. The electrical panels may be rusting, or the insulation on wires could have worn off. The faulty electrical circuits may turn dangerous if ignored. So, here’s Joboy securely handling all the electrical work in Thane and Borivali.

Secure electrical services near you.

Our Joboy partners with electrical expertise are there to provide their services in Bandra and Borivali. The service persons around Andheri and Powai have partnered with Joboy. To ensure your security, we take electricians only after third-party background verification. Joboy electricians are available during the day and also at late hours in Mumbai. We have electricians with training and experience to do the work in offices. We provide the best rates for electrical services are at Goregaon and nearby areas. A seven days warranty is there for all the repair work by Joboy technicians. Highly efficient electricians are available at Andheri and Malad at affordable rates. The electricians, in partnership with Joboy, provide on-demand services anywhere in Mumbai.

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