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Minimum Charge 1500
  • Minimum charge of Rs. 1500 will be charged in case Customer refuse to proceed with service. Material charges extra.

Carpets are hot spots for stains and damage.

Carpet cleaning services are offered by highly experienced technicians using best processes, equipments and machineries.

Our partners use specialized equipment to wash your carpets with the utmost care, all at an affordable rate.

  • Note

  • Any hard/major stains may not immediately be removed\
  • Carpet will take upto 6 hours to dry depends on the temperature condition.
  • JOBOY reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an order due to unavailability of service providers or over booking.
  • Our partner may require 3-4 hours to schedule the delivery, please plan your service accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • Partner will be solely responsible for damages occurred due to false service delivery.
  • Charges may vary based on the size and material. We will provide the charge details before the delivery.

  • Dry vaccuming of the surface area
  • Shampooing and scrubbing to get rid of as many stains as possible
  • Wet vacuuming to pull out excess water and shampoo