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  • Our service experts will send you a quote based on your requirements

The Service Partners may visit your location or will call you to get detailed requirements, we offer all types of pest control services.

• Service Partner may require a minimum of 24 hours to schedule the delivery, please plan your service order accordingly.

• There may be variations due to the area and type of pest control required. You have to provide the detailed requirements with the Partner on call to get the final estimate.

• Customer will have to arrange a high stool or ladder for the service if there is work at height involved, as required.

• Service does not include moving, rearranging, or shielding items and objects in the building. It is up to the customer to make necessary arrangements before the service is scheduled to begin. 

• Any area to be avoided or chemicals not to be used should be communicated to the service team before the work starts.

• Warranty for the service is given by the respective service providers and it will vary from service to service.

• Certain service requires two or more visit for a complete solution, which will be informed prior by the service team. 

• For the best results and longevity post-service, follow the advice given by the pest control team.

• Ensure service booking 24 hours before your convenient time.

• Joboy expert will arrive at your place and choose an apt product according to the type and degree of infestation. You will get the most effective and safe pest control in the city.

Need urgent Pest control services in Trivandrum?

Are insects and rodents bugging you? Get them out.

You might be a nature lover, but some creepy-crawlies moving around your home isn’t much fun. Many of you might be irked just at the thought of it. Pests not only make for an unpleasant sight but can also cause multiple infections. Our Joboy partners in Trivandrum bring you a variety of safe pest control solutions.

How Joboy gets rid of pesty intruders?

We have a wide range of products that can wipe away the disease-causing mosquitos, houseflies, and cockroaches. The mixture of eco-friendly ingredients provides for a safe home after the cleansing. Allergy-causing rats and other rodents can be kept in control by non-pollutant chemicals. Joboy serves to create clean living spaces in Trivandrum by getting rid of ants and spiders. We also have solutions in Kazhakkoottam to safeguard your furniture and wooden structure against termites. After considering the degree of the infestation, Joboy partners decide the most effective measures. Our service experts are available at Kazhakkoottam and other centers in Trivandrum. Avail of our services and get environmentally safe products at low prices. 

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Deepthi George

Deepthi George

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