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Service is offered in association with 'Neeravi'. User is requested to make sure that estimate bill along with material details are received during material collection. 


  • 1. There is no guarantee for tough dirt,stains,colours and jerry.
  • 2. Prices mentioned above are exclusive of GST
  • 3. There will be pick up charge of Rs 60/- for orders less than bill amount 300.
  • 4. All the calls of the day will be picked up by next day.
  • 5. Estimate delivery days is 3 for Steam Pressing. Turn around days will be calculated from the day of pick up, turn around days is exclusive of public holidays.
  • 6. JOBOY will not be responsible for delivery or other issues in case of direct request to partner. 
  • 7.Items cannot be processed will be informed post pick up.(incase of any damage)Damage items will be processed at customer' risk.
  • 8.Any demanded delivery before the mentioned days will be considered as express delivery and will be charged double of the bill amount.
  • 9.Pick up time can vary upto 12 hrs after the pick up order confirmation.
  • 10.Any complaints/loss of items will be notified with in 12 hours after the delivery,other discrepancies will not be encouraged.
  • Note: Days may vary depends on unforseen circumstances such as power failure,machine breakdown etc.
  • Referrer Policy 
    • Referer must be a JOBOY user and have used JOBOY services before referring a new person to use the service.
    • Referrer will receive the payment only when the referee uses the service and make payment. 
    • Offer is valid only for AC Service, Hair Cut, Ladies Salon and Laundry Services in Kochi

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Our wash & fold and wash & iron service saves you time and money

Do you spend your mornings hastily ironing your shirts when you could be reading the news with a coffee in your hand? Not anymore. Our ironing services will ensure that your clothes are flawless and delivered to your doorsteps, all at your convenient time.

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